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LeftReeling "Don't get me wrong, I loved being co-opted!" - Kevin Smith #Sundance #powerofstory #Clerks

451 days ago.

nigelmfs Aubrey Plaza gives great zombie in LIFE AFTER BETH. Didn't think I could love her more. I was wrong. #Sundance

452 days ago.

C_Monster20 Harry Styles was at Sundance and I had tickets but didn't go.......what is wrong with me?

453 days ago.

alexgetts @BatmanNewsCom Evidently Anne Hathaway was also at Sundance. My "Wrong Place, Wrong Time" rage levels are soaring…

453 days ago.

sperling Hopefully @zachbraff has proven all the haters wrong with "Wish I Was Here"; a solid, funny, touching @kickstarter funded movie. #Sundance

453 days ago.

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