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Tweets About Saving Lincoln

SavingLincoln Two years later that innocent moment was portrayed in the New York World newspaper as "one of Mr. #Lincoln's jokes" while viewing the dead.

448 days ago.

SavingLincoln I was never without my banjo, so I removed it from my satchel and began singing Mr. #Lincoln's favorite sad song, "Twenty Years Ago."

449 days ago.

SavingLincoln I knew the song of which he spoke, for it was one I sang often during our days traveling the Illinois court circuit in the 1850's.

450 days ago.

SavingLincoln Mr. #Lincoln made a request that was later painted as a scene of fiendish levity more atrocious than the capers of Nero and Commodus.

450 days ago.

SavingLincoln After Mr. #Lincoln left McClellan's tent, he reviewed the third corps and cavalry. Then he was to review General Porter's men.

451 days ago.

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