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Tweets About 3G - A Killer Connection

just_som_guy Trance is the weirdest thing that I've ever watched. Is it suppose to be a movie or an advertisement for the iPad 3G Cellular?

431 days ago.

Manishkwt @MadhuriDixit Yaa.. It Was Good Hindi &Urdu Cinema. Bt Movie was Very Slow in this 3G era.

435 days ago.

Davis_3G Ride Along was the funniest movie ever!

436 days ago.

neittu just found out Neil Nitin Mukesh has done a movie called 3G, originally it was to be called only G, then Neil Nitin Mukesh were ropped in.

439 days ago.

SG264 @NeilNMukesh Now we know why Neil Nitin Mukesh was casted in the movie "3G"

439 days ago.

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