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86% positive
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NSlayton @chrisgeidner The movie? I was considering seeing it, if only because "Welcome to the Punch" was not as fun as I had hoped.

464 days ago.

NSlayton @Lulamaybelle Oh, did you ever see Welcome to the Punch? Saw it last night and am having an "indecisive critic moment" on it.

466 days ago.

Humblehrt I can't believe I'm this ancient!(just watched "Welcome to the Punch" a movie released since 15-03-2013) I'm loosing track of me box office!

466 days ago.

MollyMidlane #welcometothepunch was mega guff. Script was joke bad, weird casting, unbelievable characters, annoying filters. Too big for its UK boots

466 days ago.

machadut The first one was "Welcome to the Punch", followed by "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit" and "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty"

467 days ago.

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