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BodyStoda @KarenDcosta @krazyfrog Disney was actually llanning boats and trains spinoffs if planes was successfull.

522 days ago.

sparkee088 Just saw a commercial for Disney's Planes and one of the characters said "I'm more than just a crop duster" and I lost it.

522 days ago.

Visceral_Sushi @FoodNetwork Was Disney's Planes really a hit movie?

522 days ago.

MetalKingJack Just saw a commercial for that Disney movie Planes and More Human than Human was playing in the background. SMH

522 days ago.

AshBG @LMC502 @DisneyPictures Thank you!! I loved the PLANES signage and displays all over Disney Toon Studios :) #DisneyPlanesBloggers

522 days ago.

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Interview Exclusive: Dane Cook on His Comedy, His Charity Work and That Time an Animal Got Loose on His Plane Dane Cook sat down with us to talk in depth about his role of Dusty in Disney's Planes. It's a must-listen audio interview.