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81% positive
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coldmilk @DeLuxODonnell92 I was watching Escape from Planet Earth off of Netflix and they literally added fart noises to every time someone tripped

450 days ago.

EastOfSeansie I just watched Escape From Planet Earth on Netflix and it was actually GOOD! #noshame

450 days ago.

Zorilita Watched some Medicare movies today. Escape from Planet Earth was boring and predictable with no love able characters & 2 awkward songs.

451 days ago.

musicwriter22 @SimonCowell AHHH SIMON I SAW YOU ON THE MOVIE ESCAPE FROM PLANET EARTH, MADE MY DAY. ps. Please follow me.....

454 days ago.

rainbowrambles Escape from Planet Earth is over. I liked the character designs and the animation, but the story was meh. Didn't connect with anyone.

455 days ago.

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Escape from Planet Earth 3D Spend the Weekend with Jessica Alba and Sofia Vergara Jessica Alba and Sofia Vergara were on hand last week to promote all things aliens. Check out what they had to share about their blue characters in 'Escape from Planet Earth'.