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Tweets About The Smurfs 2

ndougl Smurfs2 RT@MartinSLewis: Wow the sky's just turned black, huge sudden downpour, wind shaking the trees.It was like something out of a film.

455 days ago.

LouiseS67992560 @cineworld i have been 'living' at Enfield Libraries since 10.09.13, except 24.09.13 because The Smurfs 2 was at your Enfield site at 17:50!

457 days ago.

yasmin_reyes_ well it was made for the smurfs 2 movie but idk I like this song I like the rhythm

458 days ago.

LuqmanHakim96 So I've watched The Smurfs 2 last night and now I'm watching it again. #NowWatching

458 days ago.

MelyissaIsrael TOTD☺"@ashapumba: Was pretty disappointed when I found out Netman wasn't in 'The Smurfs 2'. He is really just a smurf on steriods, no?"

458 days ago.

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