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84% positive
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NoNecktie Finally watched #startrekintodarkness. It was fine, I guess.

456 days ago.

kbwants2sing I think there's something wrong with me. I was watching #StarTrekIntoDarkness w/ my mom and the entire time I was fantasizing about Khan.

456 days ago.

MrRainWhisper @Lubiie Don't underestimate the number of people who saw #StarTrekIntoDarkness. And maybe some saw Dillahunt in the great #WintersBone. :)

457 days ago.

yeohyon Star Trek 2 was the greatest thing ever to happen to me bc 3 of my favorite actors???? all in the same movie??? murder me.

457 days ago.

McMahonFirebird I do like that even JJ Abrams admitted that attempting to keep Cumberbatch as Khan a secret was a complete mistake. #StarTrekIntoDarkness

457 days ago.

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