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78% positive
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jonfanclub @100Lunatics @ihatehorror In case you guys were wondering, #TheLastExorcism2 was unintelligible garbage. I yawned, a lot.

460 days ago.

ElifNeziri just saw #Thelastexorcism2 . i don't think it's a horror movie ;p

469 days ago.

Harris3389 Maybe watching #TheLastExorcismPart2 alone in the dark was not my wisest choice

478 days ago.

ZaraLHFisher92 Oh my, what a horrendous film. #TheLastExorcismPart2 I can't say I expected anything more, the first was terrible too.

482 days ago.

GorgonReviews @DoNatoBomb I was really banking on #TheLastExorcism2 being first. So close. Didn't know about Dracula 3D though! (I think I saw 5 of those)

485 days ago.

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