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Tweets About Closed Circuit

PHSViking @slappy_is_real @Drewford_W no one watched it when it was live feed, and we don't have closed circuit TVs in new school.

517 days ago.

fuzzy_puppy I just spent a hour watching the show the walking dead at Wal-Mart and then I realized it was just me on a closed circuit TV.

517 days ago.

SlingshotSuplex Starrcade '83 was the first extensive regional closed circuit event; while pre-dating PPV cable, it ushered in the era of the PPV supercard.

518 days ago.

IowaWXNetwork @VortexManiac A test message that was supposed to be closed-circuit went out without our consent. Apologies for the confusion.

518 days ago.

IowaWXNetwork Please ignore all SVR T-Storm Warn messages. A closed-circuit message was sent out by our system. Apologies for the confusion.

518 days ago.

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Fandango Interview Exclusive Fandango interview with stars Eric Bana and Rebecca Hall. Eric Bana and Rebecca Hall discuss their taunt new thriller.