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95% positive
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MadelynFish Just watched #fitzgeraldfamilychristmas by @edward_burns - yes, I'm aware it's almost mid January. Still, I loved it.

467 days ago.

iamnotmelyoung "Because you watched Christmas In Handcuffs" "Because you watched The Fitzgerald Family Christmas" No Netflix! Stop getting me wrong! #scifi

470 days ago.

fpdima @edward_burns I saw #thefitzgeraldfamilychristmas the other night. I really enjoyed it. Thanks.

470 days ago.

Cathy_Vee @edward_burns Thank you for #thefitzgeraldfamilychristmas The message was heard loud and beautifully clear #familyfirst

472 days ago.

wwhittaker1 @edward_burns my wife and I just watched Fitzgerald Family Christmas and loved the film! Look forward to your next film!

474 days ago.