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92% positive
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AceHite “@smileoftenbaby: @AceHite that's why you are my favorite.” SAVE THE DATE. MELANIE SAID I WAS HER FAV

463 days ago.

Bef_Leigh Loved @Melonie_Diaz since Victor Vargas, but since Fruitvale, I feel like I must watch all of her work

464 days ago.

BCwomenlead14 Vision Changes New Direction [not the band!] Saw it all this wk! Welcome @DDPPVernon @CyndeeSapiano @kaziamullin Save the date! 03.28.14!

464 days ago.

PrincessWhitt10 I just saw the Oscars commercial w/ @TheEllenShow! Can't wait 3-2-14 save the date:)

464 days ago.

paigeclancy @thisisjendoll It was Save the Date.

464 days ago.

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