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Tweets About The World's End

TommyGood93 The cornetto triology got progressively worse, the worlds end was such a let down #meh

542 days ago.

JakeSmitten just watched the worlds end. The ending was terrible. not sorry.

542 days ago.

AishaBakhit The Worlds End was so much better then I thought it would be!

542 days ago.

Chaos_Thornton Just watched #TheWorldsEnd film. Definitely looked like a fun pub crawl and would make a nice change from pub golf.

542 days ago.

LGKirby Verdict on The Worlds End: it was alright #TopReview

542 days ago.

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Set Visit 7 Things We Learned on the Set of 'The World’s End' Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and the rest of 'The World's End' cast talk about their upcoming film. Here are seven things we learned about the upcoming sci-fi comedy. Interview: Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost All Scream for Ice Cream... for the Last Time Edgar Wright and stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost open up about wingmen, benders, meeting Bill Paxton and threesomes! Chug Down Some 'World's End' Trivia