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indiebae Soooo. She came over last night . Stayed for an hour we chilled . Played around . Watched paranormal activity 4 . Lol amazing night !

448 days ago.

abbiewastaken Watched Paranormal Activity 4 yesterday and literally can't remember anything other than being bored of out of mind. Nothing happened!

448 days ago.

Zer0_06 Double movie night. I saw #ParanormalActivity and #47Ronin.

448 days ago.

Bronteddy Work was a game of red light green light #angrymums #ma15 #r18 #bringyourid #paranormalactivity4 #wolfofwallstreet

448 days ago.

diane__marie Also we watched paranormal activity 4 and it really didn't bother me but now it's all I can think about so on the tv goes.

448 days ago.

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