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Tweets About The Zen of Bennett

Cloudmachine Saw Gaga in The Zen of Bennett docu. Obnoxious actress. Amy Whinehouse: much nicer. And the real thing.

468 days ago.

Puckywuckums @MrChuckD watching "The Zen Of Bennett". Tony says "when the labels saw the money they could make they started telling artists what to do".

472 days ago.

Stephen0Farrell I watched a great video about Tony Bennett entitled "The Zen Of Bennett" This is a very honest look at behind the scenes with Tony Bennett.

474 days ago.

needa6string I watched "The Zen of Bennett" the other day and it was an epiphany.

478 days ago.

AmyWineQuotes The Zen of Bennett documentary broke my heart watching how insecure #AmyWinehouse was recording "body & soul" she was too hard on herself.

482 days ago.

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