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maustin222 Also, it looks like I was first (ever!) to check in @LFBrewery King Kelly Nitro Stout on @untappd. Really enjoyed it, even with foam issues.

448 days ago.

KingKelly_XII I was madder than richard sherman bruh

451 days ago.

professorjacko Three of the best things I saw in 2012 & 2013 were Bluebird, King Kelly, and The Flick. All w/ Louisa Krause @LouNkrause. Need more Krause!

452 days ago.

KingKelly_XII Id understand if she said I was too light but damn...if im too dark she need to find a ghost dating site cuz it dont get much brighter

455 days ago.

KingKelly_XII Whole time shorty was blacker than me smfh

455 days ago.

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