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Tweets About X-Men: Days of Future Past

Jordan Thomas XMFC was my distraction for the Avengers, Avengers was for Cap 2, DOFP was for Guardians, Guardians is for Avengers 2, it's a waiting cycle

4 hours ago.

Joseph Taylor Just watched @XMenMovies - Days of Future Past. The nerd in me loved it but the rest of me wanted less Wolverine & more Storm

5 hours ago.

Alisha Turnpaugh Finally watched X-Men days of future past and all I can say is WHAT

5 hours ago.

Scary Spice Weasel I liked First Class better than DOFP hey guys it's me weasel lol

5 hours ago.

Cris @BrandLind McAvoy was more than tears and awkward speeches in DOFP, though. Have you seen Filth? He has a range few actors have.

6 hours ago.

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