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Tweets About X-Men: Days of Future Past

Rolland Basant @AverageJoeArt Yes definitely the weakest of the bunch. DofP was a "meh" for me.

7 minutes ago.

Shantanu Saw xmen DOFP. Awesome. Time travel problems gave me trouble before, but after watching doctor who no time wimey stuff can trouble me.

14 minutes ago.

dave jordan @Jason_Farrell the only thing I can think of is he just saw Days of Future Past, which has a little bit of future grey-templed wolverine.

29 minutes ago.

Courtney XMEN Days of Future Past was just as great the 2nd time around.

52 minutes ago.

WhatThePuck Finally saw Days of Future Past. Funny thing is, saw the whole plot in the animated Xmen series a few months ago. Albeit with a few changes.

1 hours ago.

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