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Tweets About X-Men: Days of Future Past

robin in the meantime the movie i watched was x men days of future past which is a mess of a movie but THINK ABOUT IT!!! SUPERHERO AUS

51 minutes ago.

Shawna @ago2911 I know he dies in the Comics, I just don't want to see it visually. The DoFP magneto underwater torture was bad enough to watch.

1 hours ago.

MediaGeek on Twitch Same with X-Men: Apocalypse too, really curious as to how they're gonna handle him. Loved Days of Future Past

1 hours ago.

D A N D Y I S M @XiaomuArisu "Then there was that time I went to that football game" *shows Deadpool in audience when Magneto moves the stadium in DOFP*

1 hours ago.

Ozair @misbahstard Days of future past was great

3 hours ago.

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