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ilove_poker @PaceyPoker $2 buy in. Came 3rd. Final 3 I flop straight, get it all in and he gets runner runner flush. I was devastated till I see 10k

501 days ago.

akuilabat7 @omgwtfkasa Time has flown ay? Whens the conference? I just watched Rush & Runner Runner (JT's movie) ... they were good

501 days ago.

DanielFranciss Runner Runner was awesome

502 days ago.

herschelwpwnage @Andressoprano hell no! The girl who shoved had QQ. He was drawing to runner runner.

502 days ago.

runner_runner It's been a while since I watched a #Celtics game and was this angry with the refereeing.

502 days ago.

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Exclusive: Runner Runner - The Fandango Interview Exclusive: Runner Runner - The Fandango Interview Fandango sits down with Justin Timberlake to discuss his new film.