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68% positive
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breebrianna1212 @ValleyGirlShow I saw the movie stuck in love and Admission so far :) there good movies ! @natandalex :D @billmartin_can !

450 days ago.

TashPereira Just watched admission with tina fey and paul rudd and it was so so good!!!

452 days ago.

SpacemanHardy @KeikakuKat @BlueAlexander93 So, you happily spent $70 on a single movie that, by your own admission, was of little consequence?

452 days ago.

almightyamit_ Over this "break" I have watched the movie Admission 3 times on hbo

453 days ago.

anthonyscarlata Admission with Paul Rudd and Tina Fey was awful

453 days ago.

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Cast Interviews Exclusive Cast Interview Paul Rudd and Tina Fey talk about their new film. Find out why Fey says, 'it's a comedy, but be ready to be upset.' Describe Tina Fey in One Word Give us your one word description for Tina Fey!