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Tweets About No (2013)

JGemini A/b to watch NO(Gael Garcia Bernal)earlier project,Even the Rain was great,the Int' film market seems to get great film making w/ substance

522 days ago.

MeanieMary Just watched "No" with Gael Garcia Bernal. I remember Chile under Pinochet and the Amnesty reports. Ugh.

540 days ago.

ElenaStrBlogger Gael García Bernal was very convincing as an ad executive, who helped to change his country for best. #No

550 days ago.

nSquib Saw the Chilean movie #No (with Gael Garcia Bernal) last night. Really moving. Definitely worthwhile.

552 days ago.

Iduran20 Just saw the movie 'No' starring Gael Garcia Bernal with a Q&A after with the former president of Chile, Ricardo Lagos. :D It was great!

571 days ago.

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Gael Garcia Bernal Exclusive Interview: Gael Garcia Bernal We chat with the Mexican heartthrob about his latest foreign language Oscar nominated endeavor 'No' and perfecting the Chilean accent.