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90% positive
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r_hasselb @BustedOpenRadio just watched dead man down w/ @WadeBarrett & I got some bad news for ya it was actually pretty good! #bustedopenlive

454 days ago.

andrewmaphanga #Dead_Man_Down what a good movie it is, wish I had watched it with my love one. Off 2 bed, good night mates!!!

455 days ago.

Poppadom84 So tonight's viewing was #DeadManDown...its not over yet, but been a good watch so far...#Movies #Films #ColinFerrall

456 days ago.

Derrick_MyersJr Phone Booth,Dead Man Down,and (don't kill me) Daredevil.People always say Daredevil sucked but I really loved it

456 days ago.

GodFatherJ_ “@YoungUrena_ver: Anybody watched " Dead man down " ?” That movie is wavey.

458 days ago.

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