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BonJoviArmy @BonJovi I cant wait moment when I see you again! I need your voice Jon, i need you Tico, David and Richie. And Richie Bon Jovi needs you <3

400 days ago.

Gillypepper @CarlyH88 @BonJovi ah Carly we went they were fab, if they come back you have to see them xx

401 days ago.

JenniferCordio @SlovenlyTrollop I think you and I will get on just fine! Looking at your pics and see BonJovi, Taylor Kinney, Jase, so much in common!

401 days ago.

lillychickx #BonJoviMemories this year first ever bonjovi concert... Waited 30 years to see them best memory ever

401 days ago.

Paulapep75 #BonJoviMemories my walls and ceilings been covered with @bonjovi posters and skipping school to watch music vids (VHS) and air guitar :D

401 days ago.