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Tweets About It's a Disaster

HEYARlANA i thought jariana was cute and all but its a disaster waiting to happen and i just know if they dont work out jai will start rumours again

465 days ago.

dkdk459 @meowmeowtcot @lajouetreine @Alexs1776 its a disaster thats never been controlled and I think month ago there was another failure

467 days ago.

turtle_tessa I swear my room was clean like 5 minutes ago and now its a disaster

467 days ago.

c001hand @ganeshravuri @SapthagiriM FYI, I personally liked the movie. But I understand why its a disaster at Boxoffice.

468 days ago.

MKBhatt89 its a disaster " @abpnewstv ABP News cameraman Ashok Pawar was also slapped by AAP supporters.

468 days ago.

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