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Tweets About Jesus Christ Superstar UK Spectacular

cyrusharring ziptrip lowcardiet Took at ziptrip to Stratford yesterday! Jesus Christ Superstar was amazing! lowcardiet

428 days ago.

RockMeHome @bitojavajessica The boy can sing!! Saw him play Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar. Completely nailed it!!!

429 days ago.

loveholic198 I can't believe I've watched 3 different versions of Jesus Christ Superstar even though the semester is over.

429 days ago.

lauren_smith_TW Watched Jesus Christ Superstar for the first time tonight, it was actually really good @annabel_morg

429 days ago.

alyson2793 Just watched Jesus Christ superstar again.. Fantastic.. wish seen live but the show on tv was amazing..

429 days ago.