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96% positive
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soereT Snitch was a good ass movie. And to think its was based off real life events is crazy

464 days ago.

MsWilsonXoXo Snitch with The Rock was a very good movie...had me tearing up for a moment

464 days ago.

IFucKnCare_LesS Just Watched Snitch , That's Ah Great Movie !

464 days ago.

sheneedtheD_RUS Snitch was a great movie

464 days ago.

BenM123 @aussiegirly thanks for the follow, I loved snitch it was such a great movie

465 days ago.

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Cast Interviews Exclusive Cast Interview Dwayne Johnson talks about how close the movie follows the real events of the true story and Barry Pepper on wearing a beard and working with Susan Sarandon. Vote for The Rock's Most Butt-Kicking Movie He's been kicking butt and saving the day for over a decade and now it's time to vote on what Dwyane Johnson's most butt-kicking movie thus far is...