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90% positive
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ozzygolf @billburr you're a good actor mate. Saw you in Stand up Guys and 'Glee' and was well impressed! Nice work.

456 days ago.

StefanieTullia Watched "Stand up guys" today... I liked it a lot.

456 days ago.

Mz_Brownie @MiaMartinaWorld @TrisCharbonneau : "Stand Up Guys" was such a good movie!! I laughed, I cried, I cheered, lol.

456 days ago.

jordyswank stand up guys was hilarious

456 days ago.

LarterOfficial @shugmonkey @RealCharade @SelfProduced I was thinking of posting you all some chocolates just cos you're such stand up guys. DM your address

457 days ago.

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