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Tweets About The Waiting Room

desstaysgold Sitting in the waiting room at the doctors office with like 10 other students being forced to watch a documentary on lasers

405 days ago.

somerandomhash Want am idea of the #NHS PRIVATISATION undee Tories, watch 'The Waiting Room' documentary...

423 days ago.

Shahnaz76 Still searching for a decent documentary to watch in the waiting room this Thursday - not sure if the steps reunion counts :-p

465 days ago.

sbarker48 To c how ER "health care" really works watch PBS, Independent Lens documentary "The Waiting Room" this is reality 4 ppl w/o health care ins

477 days ago.

Emergencegrrl Getting snow tires. Soap opera plays in the waiting room. Remembering why I don't watch them. Happy to work in documentary film.

478 days ago.

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