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SnoozePeak Quail biz was will be #Manna thingy,that shows we are still in the wilderness yet to get to the promised land.. @comedycentralke

456 days ago.

PhilMooreLondon Genesis 50:24-26 - Joseph was a prophet who, even in death, made his own bones a prophecy that his descendants would enter the Promised Land

456 days ago.

freshbakedpuns The 3rd planet is surely being watched by an eye in the sky / When you get to the promised land, you get to shake the eye's hand

457 days ago.

JadanSnow @TimothySherouse @Revis24 ...oh yeah...I heard it on the Radio...Schiano was an idiot ..Lovie and staff will take us to the promised land.♥

458 days ago.

McnabbTeddy @eveningnew @Mjpkane @Fifthcolumnblue @WSECA while since I heard that one i was in a moses basket :) #PromisedLand

458 days ago.

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Cast Interviews Exclusive Cast Interview Matt Damon and John Krasinski on how the film came about and Rosemarie Dewitt on the duo's budding bro-mance.