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Tweets About Fill the Void

LwaziWali -"if you see a void, then fill the void. period." --one of my most favourite hearts & minds now on #PopInnovators @iamwill!LOVE this dude!!

456 days ago.

jc93080 Oh man-she is checking sport scores on her phone and reporting them to fill the void. This was after a clumsy convo about the +/- of condos.

456 days ago.

zombieofleon Sad to see #Ahs ending this upcoming week but glad I'll have Twisted to fill the void of losing another show lol.

456 days ago.

adamsteinbaugh @lunar_sea @dankmtl @JeffersonObama it was hard so I let the chart's dearth of actual information fill the void.

456 days ago.

MNRseduction @MNRAfterHours Thomas gets down on his knees on stage and looks straight at you "no one else can fill the void in my heart, please marry me"

457 days ago.

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