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Tweets About Midnight's Children

KhOmarHasan #SalmanRushdie #MidnightsChildren is one of the best films other than #SchindlersList that I have watched in my #LIfe yes I`m a #Zionist :)

371 days ago.

Iamnestles @joelbnorth @Edutronic_Net @Informutation mine was Unbearable Lightness of Being and Midnight's Children

374 days ago.

euanfranklin Watched MIDNIGHT'S CHILDREN last night. A great film, though should have been longer. The Children should've had more conferences together.

374 days ago.

OhVinoir If you liked The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, you'll enjoy Midnight's Children. Mysterious, evocative and beautifully crafted.

375 days ago.

PicBookPusher Just saw movie edition of Midnight's Children & had 2 rewind it several times 2 absorb it all.I'm now of age&mind 2 start reading his work.

375 days ago.

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