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Shizzy_20 As you get older you realize the company you keep is wat makes a successful night. That's why BSU was so poppin (Draft 1 of 2)

465 days ago.

FacesofShelmone This familiar statement was on my mind..."You are as good as the company you keep..." #brainfood #folloback #blogfest #friends

465 days ago.

MuXi162 "You are the company you keep" I heard this a lot when I was younger but I'm starting to see the meaning now. Surround yourself with good

465 days ago.

SyakiraMahadzir I dont understand this movie #thecompanyyoukeep

466 days ago.

Nurhusna_Mohd Anna Kendrick in #TheCompanyYouKeep @ Fox Movie Premium ♡

466 days ago.

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