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92% positive
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DarthPinky09 Everyone needs to watch #thefirsttime its such a cute movie! I love it. Great job @dylanobrien @RealBritt_Rob @VictoriaJustice

451 days ago.

CurlsOhboy Okay moving on, I was about to start watching "the first time" movie but I keep getting interrupted

451 days ago.

JRMacarther I loved #TheFirstTime. I wish I could have a beautiful relationship like that.* (*with Dylan O'Brien)

452 days ago.

LeahnaFaith Watching #TheFirstTime and @dylanobrien your performance was amazing. Your talent never ceases to render me speechless. #whattowatch #TopTen

452 days ago.

amymariashafer I've been rewatching all 3 seasons of #TeenWolf & realized I am in love with @dylanobrien So then I watched #TheInternship & #TheFirstTime

453 days ago.

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