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96% positive
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danielecarrer per caso mi capita Smashed in tv. ma allora sanno ancora fare gran film senza effetti speciali. e la Winstead quanto bella è?

465 days ago.

deenawinchester @M_E_Winstead and @aaronpaul_8: thank you for such an amazing, heartbreaking film. #Smashed

467 days ago.

fandecine #NW #Smashed, le précédent film de James Ponsoldt, réalisateur de #TheSpectacularNow... Ou l'histoire d'une jeune institutrice alcoolique

473 days ago.

SupaGalou @M_E_Winstead + @aaronpaul_8 + Octavia Spencer + Nick Offerman in one movie #smashed #perfect #indemoviearethebest thank you @jamesponsoldt

474 days ago.

ohklg Smashed could be one of the most underrated films of 2013. Beautiful film, incredible acting @aaronpaul_8 @M_E_Winstead

475 days ago.

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