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71% positive
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71% positive
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ThatGuyBranch @mentazero @letsgetfoxxy I was fine with them until one just flew straight into my window and died. Although the movie Birdemic is so bad

462 days ago.

warchem @michaeljnelson I just watched I, Frankenstein. It would be a perfect Rifftrax movie. So cheesy.

463 days ago.

MemeFaceYiffer Birdemic was good. @Jellyshades

463 days ago.

UselessMoron bored, put on the rifftrax for the harry potter movies as I clean my room into the night as I try to forget everything I was thinking about

463 days ago.

treyjyert @RiffTrax #2 because of the "We're not gonna take it." However, the tin not rusting in #1 was great too.

463 days ago.