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97% positive
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ms_rosina The most productive thing I've done on my sick day is watch @Brooklyn_Castle on Netflix [those kids are beyond inspiring & intelligent]

467 days ago.

katiedella @ashtcronin So glad you all saw @Brooklyn_Castle lemme know if there's anything we can do to further our outreach efforts w/ @edutopia?

470 days ago.

JevLord @Sloomlight you watch a documentary called Brooklyn castle before ?

472 days ago.

JohnGalvinBK @SenSchumer @Brooklyn_Castle ! Then come see the school or invite us to DC

472 days ago.

WAGPOPS @Erikjoerss @UPKNYC @deBlasioNYC @stnicksalliance @JohnGalvinBK WRONG! You don't know about our GREAT afterschools. Watch Brooklyn Castle.

474 days ago.

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