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TrenchyTrench @Haliea579 To Kill A Mockingbird was the most painful movie and book assignment I've ever done for English. Good luck, babe. :-)

452 days ago.

alexwhite12345 Thank god I watched the movie cause I never read one page in the book #tokillamockingbird

452 days ago.

BuyMeFoood To Kill A Mockingbird is on tv and I recorded it because it was my favorite book/movie in high school... #isthatweird?

453 days ago.

harrymoonset @Pumpkinharryy there is a movie for To Kill A Mockingbird? I have to see that! the book was really good so I bet the movie is amazing!

454 days ago.

kalapule Finished watching To Kill a Mockingbird and the Gregory Peck interview and I just gotta say, Gregory Peck was one of the greats.

455 days ago.