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Tweets About Battle of the Year

StephanieLim_ So watched Battle Of The Year. The most dope dance b-boy movie ever. Can't wait to watch Make Your Move and Step Up 5 (Y)

508 days ago.

arifaellina D-Trix was in Battle of The Year!

508 days ago.

Leprechaun_14 Just watched 'battle of the year' best movie i have seen in my life.

508 days ago.

Mr_MarchMadness That 'Battle of the Year' movie w/ CB is pretty dope. 'The Family' was an amazing film but that's Robert DeNiro for ya

508 days ago.

hazziq5065 Battle of the year was awesome!! Raget movie yaa hope ada 2nd movie gik (y)

508 days ago.

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