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Tweets About Electrick Children

chedlefer @EvanBurdette I watched a movie the other day called Electrick Children. Kinda weird and pretty rad. The synopsis really drew me in!

454 days ago.

NickiGrimaj i watched electrick children tonight and it was much better than i expected it to be it was cuuuuute and i def rec it

455 days ago.

NiggaCasshole I watched Electrick Children last night and I have the song that got the girl pregnant stuck in my head

456 days ago.

stupidbeard69 Give the movie Electrick Children a shot if you've got Netflix. I freaking loved it.

458 days ago.

antoniominnio Watched Electrick Children last night. Really enjoyable film. Thought Julia Garner was outstanding in the lead role.

458 days ago.

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