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91% positive
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chrisvinton92 Well white house down was a pile of rubbish. what a waste of 2 hours.

455 days ago.

Kylehull92 White House down was a quality film

455 days ago.

ConniesCrazy1 Just watched White House down my fav part was when Channing Tatum puts a vest on & is really dirty and slides over tables and shoots!!

455 days ago.

JohnManocchio White House Down was sickkk

455 days ago.

KensalKat Can't sleep now so watched White House Down. OMG @channingtatum *drool* he's pretty much the only reason I watched it. So yeah it's good.

455 days ago.

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Dear Channing Tatum, We Heart You Dear Channing Tatum, We Heart You Click through our photo gallery that lists all the reasons we love the 'White House Down' star. Channing Tatum's and Jamie Foxx's Best Roles Watch trailers of 'White House Down's stars best roles to date. Exclusive Cast Interview: Channing Tatum, Jamie Foxx and Roland Emmerich