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89% positive
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BelovedCheryl @damienechols I watched West of Memphis yesterday. Well done.

460 days ago.

BunkiePerkins Saw West of Memphis over the weekend. Miscarriages of justice aside, Jessie Misskelley's family throws the best "got outta jail" parties.

462 days ago.

BonnieChiapponi Can't find the words to describe the documentary I just watched. So many feels #westofmemphis

463 days ago.

GerryGannon Just saw a doco called "West of Memphis" Makes me never want to visit #Arkansas

465 days ago.

XO_Kelsieee @CtrlUrFingrz @damienechols I watched the first one! The others no, my aunt told me about West Of Memphis and I've been dying to see it!

465 days ago.

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