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93% positive
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alas3lads @crunchy_f I love foreign films! I will definitely check out A Royal Affair - I'm a fan of Mads Mikkelsen (loved him in After the Wedding)

450 days ago.

_Star_Twerk_ @gloomlurker What are you in the mood for? I watched A Royal Affair, and It's in Danish and it hurts.

450 days ago.

Forever_Russian Wow that was so depressing.. #ARoyalAffair

453 days ago.

Mirai_no_Yume @FranciscaMena *hugs* i watched a royal affair, a movie with mads mikkelsen and he was perfect .

453 days ago.

Mirai_no_Yume I just watched A Royal Affair with Mads Mikkelsen and.. I cried so much at the end.... It's a beautiful movie but so sad T_T

454 days ago.

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