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94% positive
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CandaceBieber_ @justinbieber I watched the Believe movie yesterday and I loved it, I'm going to all the sessions. How can I not? I love you

464 days ago.

That_Hunt_Chick My day got 10000x better when I saw the sessions have been posted! Ive been ready to go back to camp since the day I left! #campdream

466 days ago.

kern417 Just finished watching a movie called The Sessions. It was ridiculously good.

471 days ago.

jemmahoughton #TheSessions was an intriguing film. Not at all what I expected. Very interesting. Really liked it.

473 days ago.

kelmoe71 2/2 John Hawkes was also amazing, left a lump in my throat at the end #TheSessions

476 days ago.

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