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82% positive
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seriesofdreams4 @buffa82 I enjoyed that one immensely. I was partial to 'Amour' in 2012. Anything from Michael Haneke gets me.

464 days ago.

nilsgeylen Just watched Haneke's Amour but all I can say is the subject matter overpowers the film. Not sure that makes sense.

464 days ago.

__morninglight Jeeeesus 'Amour' was the most horrifically heart-wrenching film I've possibly ever seen. Why did I expect anything else from Michael Haneke?

466 days ago.

marijofortis @Michael_Haneke Just saw Amour. Brilliantly written. Parts of it reminiscent of Balzac and Mauriac.

467 days ago.

HiroausTokio Watched AMOUR by Haneke. I tried one year ago but stopped it. Watched it till the end this time. Depressing as I had expected.

468 days ago.

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