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94% positive
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clivezoschke Tired watch the @thebutler. or @Traffic or maybe a film i saw @paradiselost have good evenings pplz Xxxxxx

533 days ago.

phil_goode @Oprah Just saw #TheButler - thx for making this film. I now understand why the election of @BarackObama was so important.

534 days ago.

timian77 Loved the movie #thebutler . Great performances from a stellar cast. Had a tear from start 2 finish

534 days ago.

AlejoEC Saw Lee Daniels's "Lee Daniels' The Butler," absolutely a masterfully written, directed, acted and scored White House butler. 4 of 4 stars.

534 days ago.

Ebukar Btw #TheButler is such an amazing movie. It brought me to tears! The acting was phenomenal! Oprah Winfrey can act.. Omg watch dt movie!

534 days ago.

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