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Tweets About Apartment 143

LilyHudgens @BrooksLoving i thought it was but apartment 143 was really good too

456 days ago.

Lotte_Brinch_P @ThePandoraBoxx apartment 143 was pretty good.

456 days ago.

alienfirst @risspittman It was so bad. Bell Witch Haunting was also horrid. And Apartment 143. And Grave Encounters 1 and 2. And Quarantine 2.

457 days ago.

gurujonah i was gonna watch apt 143, but im just gonna watch jessica in #ahscoven for about the 500th time since....well, yesterday.

457 days ago.

TattsxWarWounds Watching Apt 143 with my sister, I'm pretty sure I was hiding under Brandons arm first time I saw this cause I don't remember it lol

458 days ago.

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