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96% positive
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scottland14 Not sure why I watched a movie this late at night but Liberal Arts was a pretty fantastic movie. Definitely a top favorite.

450 days ago.

earnestbick94 @JoshRadnor Just saw your film Liberal Arts, I thought It was fantastic & a great story. First film I was excited about seeing in a while.

450 days ago.

BASTILLEger @JoshRadnor is Your Movie "liberal Arts" aviable in German? Otherwise i will look it in english! I watched the Trailer and already Loved it!

451 days ago.

IzziMueller @JoshRadnor just watched #LiberalArts. Really really great work! Such a sweet film, had to cry!

452 days ago.

Elodiaaaa_ I just saw Liberal arts with @JoshRadnor ! A beautiful film. You're so fabulous, I love it and you too ♥

452 days ago.