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thepurplediva Watched Hitchcock, so much for my early night. Helen Mirren was amazing but that's nothing new...class.

449 days ago.

rosapixiegirl I've just a watched Hitchcock, with Hopkins and Mirren. What a brilliant film. Need to watch Psycho now.

449 days ago.

KimEdwards48 Just watched Hitchcock on Sky Movies Premiere, great performances by the wonderful Sir Anthony Hopkins and Dame Helen Mirren

449 days ago.

BristolBlade Just watched Hitchcock on @skymovies what a film and what a performance by Anthony Hopkins...Alfred Hitchcock was 1 of a kind! #legend

449 days ago.

Carys_w_skoorb #NowWatching Hitchcock - loved Hopkins and mirren in this

449 days ago.