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54% positive
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jcbelgium Mark Wahlberg is very talented. I just watched Broken City and I highly recommend it.

449 days ago.

JimmyDrama I also watched "Broken City" Mark Wahlberg & Russell Crowe were brilliant, so was the story!!!!

449 days ago.

JLKepnes @JilliKate I just watched #Wahlburgers and it was me that you saw!! Our Hingham red carpet for Broken City. Good eye

449 days ago.

PedersenBrita An indication on how drunk I was last night, I got kicked out of broken city

449 days ago.

pineapplesHOE_ @GeechiiOnEm great gatsby was terrible, broken city had a terrible plot, Olympus has fallen was good but didn't have any real gripping stuff

450 days ago.

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Cast Interviews Exclusive Cast Interviews Mark Wahlberg talks about acting with Russell Crowe and how his character is unlike any we've seen him play before.